Let's Beat Dementia - Other Natural Helps

Whilst researching on dementia we have found other useful natural products that can improve lifestyle and health.

High Blood Pressure

To reduce blood pressure without side effects we found a product called Ultimate BP which is an extract from a green coffee bean.


A quick cure for gout to avoid waiting 3-5 days for tablets to have any effect is to drink a litre of Morello Cherry Juice, available at most supermarkets, and which has an effect within a few hours. The most effective seems to be Cherry Good. Often gout is triggered by having to take water tablets, so you have to weigh up the benefit at the time.

Cholesterol and Diabetes

A recent study has identified that advice given in the 1970s and 1980s has changed our eating habits but brought on a marked increase in Cholesterol, Diabetes, Stokes and Heart problems. This advice was to move away from cooking with butter and lard to the use of cooking oils.

A major research project evaluated health before the change and found that after the move away from dairy products the health problems increased. The summary of the research indicated that the major trigger was the increase in Cholesterol problems.

They identified that surplus Cholesterol forms like rust on the lining of the arteries and prior to the change from dairy products was aided in the removal of this rust by the cooking with butter or lard.

The study also identified that cooking with cooking oils added to the build up of the rust in the arteries and hence to higher Cholesterol levels. The recommendation was that coconut lard or virgin olive oil was a healthier cooking product.

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