Let's Beat Dementia - Home Test Kit

Our research over the past years has brought us to the conclusion that the best chance of beating Dementia is to prevent the onset of this terrible disease and that the answer lies in having a fully health Immune system.

Diet, exercise, healthy food and vitamins have a part to play in maintaining our Immune system. Even drinking sufficient water can help the building and replacement of brain cells. It is recommended that males should drink 3.7 litres and females 2.7 litres of fluids, of which around 20% is sourced from the food we eat.

The problem we have found is that without a hospital blood test, which takes time and resources you have no method of establishing as to whether your Immune System is 10% or 100% effective. In reality you do not know and it is not until you are unwell that the doctor will request an immune system test.

For most of us I feel this is too late, as if we could measure this ourselves we could take preventive action.

Home tests are available for Diabetes and Blood pressure and we are intending to continue our research to establish home a Home Test Kit that will measure our Immune system and advise corrective action.

This would which will help us improve our lives and reduce the burden of cost on the Nation.

Lets Beat Dementia

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