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Our initial research began into the underlying causes of Dementia and what cures were available both from the pharmaceutical industry and from natural products. Unfortunately there were no success stories from the Pharmaceutical industry but a number of natural products had shown success.

It appeared that the Pharmaceutical Industry was putting forward one cause of the problem which contradicted the specialists within the natural products providers.

During the course of our four years of research we initially identified that diseases such as Cancer, Dementia, Huntington's Disease and diabetes were predominantly disease more prevalent in the western world. In the case of Dementia the pharmaceutical industry have spent billions of pounds developing a cure for what they define as "Amyloid Plaque", a sticky toxic substance that builds up in the brain and strangulates the brain cells. The specialists in the natural products providers have carried out similar large scale tests to those of the pharmaceutical industry and have found that Amyloid Plaque exists in the brain of both those that died from Dementia and those that died without Dementia, so that Amyloid Plaque was not the culprit for the disease. In a recent TV program it was investigated as to whether Dementia was hereditary and it identified similar results to the natural product providers and it was questionable as to whether Amyloid Plaque was the culprit or that Dementia was hereditary.

Later tests by the natural product providers identified that a toxic protein "TAU" was only found in the brain tissues of those that died from Alzheimer's and Dementia.

As the billions of pounds spent by the pharmaceutical industry had not developed a cure and that "TAU" was more likely to be the culprit we began to research into how this protein could inflict the damage and what caused it to invade or system.

To understand how these proteins operate within the body and how our defence system could work against "TAU" we began to examine the body's defence systems and the DNA.

The three Nobel Prize Winners of 2015 had identified that the human DNA contains a complex repair kit and that from the first cell division this kit monitors the cell division process and has a host of proteins that ensure each cell copy is an exact replica of the original and repairs any defects that appear. To ensure that this repair kit operates correctly and effectively the DNA repair system needs to be fully healthy so that it can ensure that each cell builds all the organ structures exactly as defines in the original cell DNA.

Unless the DNA repair kit is fully healthy it begins to act like a photocopier with each copy of a copy showing marked deterioration. This deterioration allows rogue cells to be replicated and these could be disease cells. A major part of our defence and repair system is our own "Immune System" which when 100% efficient has the capability to destroy these rogue cells and also has the capability to reverse the effects of Cancer, Dementia etc.

For protection against disease it is imperative we have an efficient immune system but we are unable to instantly measure whether our own systems are operating at 10% or 100% efficiency, which we consider of paramount importance. We are researching into how a test kit could be developed to give instant readings similar to the concept of the Diabetes test kit which gives a test result and advises of corrective action.

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