By acting now

By acting now we can "Beat" the Dementia/ Alzheimer disease that takes the person you know and love away. Having seen at first hand loved ones disappear before you, we have researched into prevention and how the effects can be minimised.

Enjoying retirement

Statistics are indicating that all those currently less than 50 years old will go straight from working into a retirement position as a carer for their partner, a position that has never happened in the past. Instead of enjoying a retirement they will just be a carer for their partner, who they will see slowly slip away.

Years of research

After 4 years of research we have identified the underlying cause and how the effects can be reversed and more importantly how the disease can be prevented.

Using the documentation of the Nobel Prize winners that researched into the DNA repair and replication cell processes and numerous controlled tests around the world there is an apparent relationship between the Immune System and how Dementia starts.

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A Dementia Test Kit?

We have decided to concentrate our further research on the prevention of the causes of Dementia and are seeking to develop a home test kit that will advise of the body’s condition and the protein levels that cause Dementia. A simple analogy is the Diabetes test kit which gives a test result and advises of the corrective action.
A monthly self check will avoid the frequent visits to the GP and will eliminate the hospital care required to diagnose, treat and care for Dementia patients and the support care in the community.
We need your help to develop the home test kit as we receive no government funding and hope to raise the funds so that everyone will be able to measure the state of their health.

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We depend upon your donations to continue our work...

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